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November 2015 :: Downloads for press

Press Release November 2015  (pdf 170KB)
:: New SMARTPHONE for kids this Christmas? SelfieCop can protect them from Sexting  (or word doc format 1.5MB).

Statistics about Sexting 2015  (pdf 1.2MB)
:: The Sad Stats of Sexting.

Poster for schools  (pdf 360KB)
:: Stop and Think.

Poster for parents  (pdf 460KB)
:: How to help kids.

Poster for organisations  (PDF 400KB)
:: How SelfieCop works.

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International coverage of SelfieCop

FoxNews 17 TV News

SelfieCop was interviewed by FoxNews 17 News following an incident of sexting at a High School in Michigan.
» Watch the news report below or read more on the FoxNews website.

WIRED Magazine

SelfieCop was featured in podcast episode 180 from WIRED Magazine in a discussion about Safety vs. Privacy among kids.
» Listen to WIRED Podcast Episode 180.

SelfieCop was also reviewed in a news article by WIRED Magazine.
» Read the WIRED review of SelfieCop.


FREE SelfieCop Research Report: "Selfies & Sexting | The Perfect Storm"

Sexting is not only a national problem - but a global crisis with as many as 1-in-4 children partaking in this practice. Yet, kids have also indicated they would change their behaviour if they knew their parents were watching. But until progress is made, offensive pictures will remain the most damaging and damning form of bullying.

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