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Best practice

  • Should I involve my child when installing SelfieCop?
  • What age children can SelfieCop be used for?

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Bugs & issues

  • What are the top smartphone issues with SelfieCop?
  • Why am I not getting emails or password reminders?

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SelfieCop best practice

Should I involve my son/daughter when installing SelfieCop?

Yes, you must always involve your child.

SelfieCop is NOT SpyWare. SelfieCop can only have its deterrent effect when your child knows it is there. As such, we have made sure it is always visible to your child on their phone.

Remember, the aim is not to spy on your kids or embarrass them.

The aim is deter unsafe behaviour. This will only happen if they know you can see all their photos and videos.

Is SelfieCop SpyWare?


SelfieCop is always visible to the owner (the child) of the device upon which it is installed. For example:

  • The SelfieCop 'reminder' icon is visible every time the camera is activated.
  • The SelfieCop icon is also visible on the phone app list.

In addition, SelfieCop requires parents to ask children for consent to install the app during set-up. This is in reflection of children's "right to privacy".

If consent is refused, parents may elect to override refusal - but they are required to record that they do so with the intention of protecting the child's "best interest".

Could I use SelfieCop to spy on my husband, etc?

Yes, but with very poor results.

SelfieCop is not SpyWare, so the wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend will know immediately that it is installed.

(If the intention is to spy, there are far better SpyWare apps available. However, SpyWare apps have been deemed illegal in some jurisdictions.)

In addition, our Terms of Use only allow SelfieCop to be used by a parent/legal guardian with his/her child. We also recommend that the app only be used on children aged up to 13.

Our service may be used on children up to aged 15 (if the parent believes it is in the child's best interest), but we will not allow it to be used on anyone 16 or older.

Note: SelfieCop is unlikely to be effective on children aged 14 or older, as they are too technically knowledgeable.

What age children can SelfieCop be used for?

SelfieCop is best suited for children aged up to about 12 or 13 years of age who may be at risk of unsafe behaviour.

Why such a young age? Children of this age are in their formative years.

As such, SelfieCop has a greater chance of influencing their long-term behaviour and teaching them good habits about technology.

Above this age, a child's right to privacy under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has greater standing and may over-ride your right as a parent to supervise them.

If you wish to install SelfieCop, you must always involve your child. Begin by explaining its benefits, discuss any concerns they may have and then ask for their consent.

Could SelfieCop be uninstalled by children?


When installing the app, we recommend parents use the free service AppLock to prevent the child uninstalling SelfieCop. AppLock allows the parent to "lock" SelfieCop so the child has restricted access to it.

(We are already working on a method to get this "AppLock" feature bundled in with SelfieCop, which will make it even harder to disable.)

Of course, this is a constant "arms-race", and clever kids could eventually find a way around AppLock. However, because our product is aimed at young kids (aged 8-13), the technical know-how of many is unlikely to allow that.

Bugs & Issues

Smartphone bugs

1 :: Network issues (Nov 13 2015)

From time to time, SelfieCop may present a message that says "Internet connection has timed out". This is a bug by which the App becomes unable to connect to an unknown network.

Fix :: The best thing to do is to wait a while and then retry.
Status :: We are currently working on a fix to make network connections more fluid.

App bugs

1 :: Instagram (Nov 01 2015)

On some device, SelfieCop may not capture copies of photos take via Instagram (videos appear to be OK).

Fix :: No fix is yet available.
Status :: We are investigating this app to see if a change they have made is causing the issue If so, a patch to SelfieCop will be released.

I am not getting emails or password reminders! What do I do?

First thing to do is to check your SPAM folder to make sure they are not going there. (Make sure to also mark the sending address "This is not spam" for future reference.)

If the emails are not there, make sure that you set the right email address at set-up.

Finally, if none of that works, drop us a message and we will do our best as quickly as possible to fix things for you.

Does SelfieCop copy & send old photos?


The Child App will only copy-&-send photos taken after it is first installed.

How it works.

  • When the Child App is installed it creates an index of photos/videos.
  • This index creates a line-in-the-sand, so that existing photos/videos will not be sent.
  • The app will then only send photos/videos taken after the line-in-the-sand.