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SEXTING is a perfect storm of technology & hormones1. Install camera-safety alerts on your child's phone & review their photos for risky behavior using the FREE SelfieCop App.

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Help deter unsafe behaviour

SelfieCop teaches children to Stop-&-Think "Do I really want people to see me like this?"

Help detect unsafe images

SelfieCop gives you an early warning system for unsafe camera behaviour.

Help defuse potential crises

SelfieCop gives you time to act, so you can remove ill-advised images.

Why SelfieCop is needed

Kids are impulsive & do not always understand that photos can live forever.

SelfieCop teaches a child to STOP-&-THINK before sharing a photo or video.

Learn how SelfieCop works

SelfieCop & children's privacy

SelfieCop is aimed at kids aged from about 7 to 15 to teach safe behaviour.

The aim to teach them to stay safe by reminding then to STOP-&-THINK.

Learn about SelfieCop & privacy

"SelfieCop is a useful tool that can help parents safeguard their children's online activities."
A.Jackson, Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC, Ireland)

Downloads for parents & schools

Poster  (pdf 360KB)
:: Stop-&-Think

Poster  (pdf 460KB)
:: Ways to help kids


Poster  (pdf 400KB)
:: How SelfieCop works

Statistics  (pdf 1.2MB)
:: The Statistics of Sexting